Adding Images to Media Library

How to Begin

After signing in

  • Go to the Dashboard by hovering over “Children’s Literature Student Exhibition” in the upper left corner and clicking on “Dashboard.”

To add your images to the Media Library (select from menu on left)

Images should be resized before uploading (keep them close to 50KB)

Go to Media > Add New >then upload your image

  • Go to Media > Library, click on your image and fill out metadata:
    • You will add a Caption to the image, in MLA 8th ed style, that attributes the image to its creator, describes the source, medium, location, and other pertinent information. (See Guide to Creating Captions)
    • In the Caption put the title of the work in quotation marks if it is part of a standalone publication (e.g., a frame, panel, feature, or story in the comic book itself such as “Johnny Canuck”) or put the title in italics [ <em>your title goes here</em> ] if it is a standalone publication (e.g., a comic book issue such as Active Comics)

Add Alt Text (i.e., description of image, used by screen readers for the visually impaired)